Tweet of the Week 5.15.15

TY Bridging Apps for your great resources…always! C6: Apps for Transition and Independence #hybrEdtech — BridgingApps (@BridgingApps) May 14, 2015

Tweet of the Week (TOTW) 4.17.15

Thank you for using #hybrEdtech as well!! Keeping the conversations going between chats and impacting ALL learners. I love this. Thank you! got @SnapTypeOT today, says this is perfect let me go get my unfinished work right now #atchat #spedchat #hybrEdtech — Darla Ashton (@darlaashton) April 16, 2015

Tweet of the Week for 3.27.15

@darlaashton @deTechtive1 #hybredtech BEST. NIGHT. EVER!! I needed some inspiration today. Thanks for the great chat tonight! — Mr. Friedman (@MrFriedmanClass) March 26, 2015

Tweet of the Week 3.20.15

Tweet of the Week 3.6.15

@MsVictoriaOlson and choosing one thing and doing it well rather than trying to take on the world. There are so many options! #adechat — Amber Sawyer (@amberlsawyer) March 4, 2015