Best of 2016: Spec. Ed./UDL | Contribute | Be an author | Change a life

For the abridged version: Share a top 1-3 resources you love to use with your students/children. We all can find long lists on the web. Let’s make this special. To contribute, use this DOCUMENT. The story goes like this. I had a list of apps and resources ready to share for a training for special education and technology in general. Being in a position where I feel often like a.

#hybrEdtech Chat Reminder

Just a reminder that #hybrEdtech chat has moved to ensure no conflict with #UDL chat. We are now the 2/4 weeks of the month, Wednesdays at 9PM Eastern. The next chat is May 13 and we will be continuing some app lists started in #spedchat as well as those created for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. I will try and get out a poster ahead of time or we may just.

#edcampaccess MA. Learning and Connecting!

[View the story “Some Takeaways from #edcampaccess MA.” on Storify]

#hybrEdtech Chat: What You Need To Know

#hybrEdtech Chat. What you need to know: Who/What: #hybrEdtech chat was founded by three educators (myself, Parker Ormerod, and Steve Wolf) [Cassidy Wodke has been added a 4th moderator this summer!] across the state of NY all working in various education and educational technology positions with students of varying abilities. “hybrEd” is all encompassing, both educational and assistive technology. We will be focusing on different topics each week around any.

Goodnight, Tweet Dreams!, Tweet Dreams!

After taking part in #ATchat last week, I decided to venture into another Twitter chat. To say they are addicting is an understatement. On Monday, I participated in #edtechchat. A community of folks that are interested and immersed in the educational technology world at the very least to some extent. There were Ed. Tech. leaders, admin., teachers, therapists, business people, and so many more. It was a wonderful experience all.