Picture This: Art Meets Technology

Our school is blessed to have an Art Teacher, Karli, who not only understands art, she also understands how to integrate technology into her curriculum for our students with special needs.  Recently, she shared with me some great things they have been doing in the Young Adult Program with photography.

Here is what Karli has to say:

“The first class we discussed and looked at examples of famous photographs, digital photography, and how people use technology to change images. Students participated in an exercise and demonstration on how to take an photo using an IPad, how to steady your arms, and things to think about when choosing an object, scene, etc. Students then split up into small groups and took photos around the  building and outside. When we regrouped at the end of the class, the students picked their top three images they wanted to edit for the following class. The second class, we reviewed the editing App InstaEditor, discussed and learned new vocabulary words like contrast, brightness, saturation, crop, frame, and filter, and then got to work changing the photos we picked!

It was so much fun working with the students on this project. It used the iPads in an age appropriate way, taught the students new skills, as well as endless art vocabulary and exploration. This project was 100% independent by the students with guided help through modeling on an example IPad. Also this gave the students complete freedom to change their photos in any way through making choices. Once they got the hang of it with their first photo, the students and staff took off! The photos are amazing!”

I love seeing activities like this, purposefully integrating technology as part of the lesson rather than simply an add-on.

Sure, the final masterpieces are great to look at.  But in the processes, students are becoming masters themselves, developing skills in following directions, patience, waiting, language, and critical thinking.  Most importantly, students feel a great sense of pride and increases in self-confidence with their finished works.

And that is what makes these works of art, well, priceless.


image_1 image-4 image-5 IMG_1436 IMG_1442 image image_2


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