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Tonight I decided to begin my interactions and expand my PLN in a Twitter chat. I chose #ATchat and was blown away by the breadth and depth of conversation that was happening just as fast as brains were thinking.

I had just tucked my daughter in bed. I sat down. I enjoyed the ride. All of what I heard previously about Twitter chats couldn’t have been more true. You can actually learn, on your couch, with your tablet, in your PJs…and probably better learning than traditional sit and get PD.

Initially I just watched but it wasn’t long before I jumped in. Then came a favorite…a retweet… a new follower… just like winning back some money every time you pull the slot handle, these instances were like winnings that kept drawing me back in.

When all was said and done, I gained several new followers and also received several favorites and retweets. Most importantly, I gained new knowledge and realized I wasn’t alone out there with the questions and needs that I have. I would like to thank the people on this list for such a great experience. There were others but this is the record I kept:


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.50.39 PM


Two of my colleagues from NYSCATE and I are going to be starting a new Twitter chat called #etalchat or Educational Technology for all Learners. The three of us span a broad range of edtech. positions, backgrounds, and preferences. We hope to bring a hybrid mix of AT, ET, and technology and learning in general. More to come on this. The tentative start is 3.25 and will be at 9P ET Bi-Weekly.

It’s all about connections really. I have been blessed with all of the folks I have met over the past couple years. This small subset of people in the #ATchat truly reflect the character of all the folks I have met in this field…a passion second to none.

One of my professional goals is to be accepted into the ADE program at some point. I am in awe of the innovation these individuals take part in on a daily basis. I would love to be able to have a stronger platform and more connections to continue to bring ET and AT to a more global stage, being an ambassador as I work to help all learners reach their full potential. I want to take a minute to thank all of the #ADE that have taken the time to speak with me and support me in any way in this process…which can be a bit intimidating at times.

Most of all, I immerse myself in these areas with the hopes that I leave this Earth someday with a “ding” firmly engrained for generations to come. I am glad I took the step to join #ATchat and for the warm welcome I received. I look forward to my team’s future inaugural #etalchat Twitter chat and subsequent resource paper. I look forward to more “comfortable couch PD” and continually expanding my PLN with similar people with similar passions and vision…whether in my suit and tie or just in my PJs.


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