#hybrEdtech Chat: What You Need To Know

#hybrEdtech Chat. What you need to know:

Who/What: #hybrEdtech chat was founded by three educators (myself, Parker Ormerod, and Steve Wolf) [Cassidy Wodke has been added a 4th moderator this summer!] across the state of NY all working in various education and educational technology positions with students of varying abilities. “hybrEd” is all encompassing, both educational and assistive technology. We will be focusing on different topics each week around any of these areas. The chat will hopefully be dynamic and informal, meaning it would be appropriate for your novice “egg” Twitter user and your more experienced users. As moderators, we are promoting a think tank chat rather than acting as experts. A high-energy and comfortably paced supportive chat for all Twitter users. This is not an Expert to Participant chat. This is a community of like minded individuals who want to grow professionally together…for novice and seasoned chatters alike.

Why: Initially, this started because we wanted to keep in touch with each other on a more regular basis. We often feel that we are on islands trying to stay afloat with all the different hats we wear. Similarly, many of us have such busy schedules that we cannot participate in all of the chats out there. This is a good way to touch base and highlight what other chats covered as well. After this gained some interest on Twitter and other social media sites, we decided to make it a “formal” chat. Our belief is that if even 1 person learns 1 new thing or is inspired, that may impact one learner and that is all worth it. This also offers another option for people interested in these topics if the other times do not work for them.

How/When: The chats will take place at 9:00p (ET) Wednesdays. They will be bi-weekly and will be starting on March 25th. The date was chosen so as to not conflict with any current tech. in education chats and also to be opposite of the popular UDL chat. There will also be a Paper li. published 3 times per week and a Storify curated every 2 weeks as well, with the chat archives as well as any resources the Paper may have missed.

Where: Twitter, of course. #hybrEdtech. Don’t forget to include the hashtag.

Other points to note:

The structure of the chats will be consistent. They will begin a little after 9:00.

The first 10 minutes:
“Introduction and Inspiration”: Welcome!
Share who you are, what you do, where you’re from and a success/inspirational story you were a part of or witnessed or heard about. These will be storified.

The next 20 minutes:
“Chat Guiding Questions”
3 guiding questions around a certain topic, these will be archived in storify.

The last 10 minutes:
“SLAM (Sharing, Learning, and Mentoring)”:
Share a new resource, repurposed resource, any resource. Showcase something you’re proud of. Engage deeper about those resources. Ask a question of your peers. Support your peers. Plan a goal for yourself– something you want to learn, do, etc. Could lead to your success story the following chat! (10 min) These will be curated in the Storify or on Symbaloo. Unanswered questions will be posted too for further discussion.

We hope you join us for #hybrEdchat! Come together, learn together, inspire each other.



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