Full Circle…Like the Universe.

One of my latest endeavors is creating a PD series called “Dings in the Universe”. These may take the form of a short movie clip, iBook, or other form. Basically, they will be quick-hitting PD resources that show/teach/share, etc. Essentially, a ding is a small mark in space…but many dings can make a big difference. I like the quote and the idea because it shows that even small contributions when collectively looked at really make a difference.

Here is the Jobs quote I am referring to:


More on my project later. For now, I want to focus on this. I reached out to one of my past students to design the cover art for this series/work. Joe was one of the students in my autism classroom many years ago. He always was drawing and into art of some sort. His attention to detail, creative spirit, and raw talent made it an easy decision to reach out to him. For the past several weeks he has worked hard on this…taking my thoughts, adding his unique talents, and creating a masterpiece. Joe is an amazing young man and I never thought our paths would cross like this, but just like the universe, everything comes full circle. Take a look at his work below. Well done, Joe. Your work is literally, out of this world.

Joe hard at work.

Joe hard at work.




And here is what the art will look like on a cover:

Cover Sample

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