30 Minutes With Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio!

Today we started exploring the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio at my school. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio comes complete with play-doh, digital character stampers, digital action stampers, tools, cutters, and more. Someone sent me information on this product last week. As with any new product, I do a quick analysis of cost/benefit, and what some of the purposeful goals are that could be worked on. I sent a quick email out to staff and got an overwhelming response from teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, the art therapist, and others who already had their wheels spinning.

Set up was quick. I downloaded the Play-Doh Touch App (works on idevices and free at least through June of 2018. There are in-app purchases, but only for additional worlds). I then created a character and placed it on the studio. A simple scan with the app and then the magic happened. My character came to life! That was just the beginning. I created more. I interacted with them on the screen using touch. I followed simple visual prompts from the app providing ideas on what to add to my world. My characters sang, interacted, floated, and much much more. I’ll leave this section brief so you can explore for yourself as the possibilities are endless and the direction included are super easy to follow… But more importantly, what are the goals that can be worked on with our students with autism and developmental needs?

Here is just a brief list of what comes to mind:

– Increasing fine motor skills through play-doh interaction
– Increasing color recognition skills
– Working on touch/pointing while interacting with characters on the screen
– Following simple directions given verbal and visual cues/prompts
– Explore cause and effect using the action stampers
– Work with a partner to plan out a scene and cooperate/create together
– Embed ELA skills to create a story using your scenes. Snap pics and appsmash with an app like Book
– Increase language skills by describing or identifying various parts of the scene

AND SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT! We explored adding digital photos cut out to the shapes and YES they do appear in the interactive world too! The possibilities with that are endless!!

– Put a student’s face on a character and have them interact with them in a virtual space
– Add a favorite character or person into the scene for extra motivation
– Work on getting to know you with teachers, therapists, and classmates in the scene
– Put words and numbers on different characters to practice letter/word/number identification

…because you can include real scanned pics, the possibilities are truly endless!

We spent literally only 30 minutes interacting with Play-Doh Shape to Life Studio and about 30 more minutes creating this blog post and you can see all of the ideas already! Check it out! Share your worlds! Share what goals you embed into this experience! For $40, you can truly unlock a whole new world of learning for your students.

The box! Great design and a handle!

Opening the box. Simple and clean.

The instructions. Super easy.

Easily create and add to the studio space.

Cut out a digital picture and add to your shapes to include them in your world!

Another digital picture added. Personalized!

A girl and her dog. Easily add scanned digital photos to your creations! Thing about adding letters, words, and numbers too!

I stumbled upon this video that shows you how to create but also add your own unique characters too. Check it out!

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