Bluetooth Keyboard

There are many bluetooth keyboards out there to use with devices like an iPad.  In a recent article, Maureen Yoder of Lesley University mentions what to look for before buying, asking yourself questions such as:

– What is the battery life of the keyboard?

– Am I more comfortable with a full-size or is a smaller one ok?

– Is the keyboard compatible with my device?

– What is the cost?

There are many on the market.  I prefer the basic Apple model.  Belkin, Logitech, and others also make them.  It is really a matter of personal preference and need vs. cost.  Make sure to check online reviews as well or search YouTube to see the product in action.

Harald Bluetooth

     Harald Bluetooth


DID YOU KNOW? Bluetoothtechnology is named after Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark, 1,000 years ago.  He had an innate ability to bring opposite sides together to communicate with each other.  Makes sense!


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