Augmented Reality

I must give a huge shout to Erin Klein for tipping me off to this app.  If you have ever used QR codes, you are doing a form of Augmented Reality. The app, Aurasma takes this one step further.  Aurasma allows you to basically take an object, photo, image and scan it in order to add another layer to that image in the form of a video clip.

Simple enough, right? You can literally make anything in your path come to life by setting up these loops on your device.

We have started to explore the many possibilities:

– Making books come to life

– Explain how to do a certain work task

– Create many different kinds of scavenger hunts

– Make work and play centers more independent

… the possibilities are endless!

Check out the app here:


Here is a video intro to Aurasma:

An Introduction to the Aurasma App


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