We’re Going on a ({High Tech}) Bear Hunt!

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Today, July 29, 2013, the creative staff in Classroom One at our school led their students on a bear hunt.  This was no average bear hunt.  It was “teched out” using the latest and greatest combination of an iPad and the Aurasma app.  The poor bear never even stood a chance.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is the classic tale written by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.  It has been read, sung, acted out, and adored for over a decade.  Its catchy pattern, beautiful illustrations, and multi-sensory experience is a perfect choice to combine with the Aurasma app. If you do not already know, Aurasma is an app that is used to create augmented reality experiences. 

Augmented reality using Aurasma basically means you can tag an image with additional layers of information such as audio, video, or image files.  Its use has exploded in the educational field and blog after blog online explains some great ways to integrate it.  Erin Klein writes about it here: http://www.kleinspiration.com/2013/05/using-augmented-reality-via-aurasma-in.html  also check this out: http://www.twoguysandsomeipads.com/2013/07/aurasma-studio-tutorial-videos.html

 For Class One, this means tagging illustrations in the story and creating a fully interactive and multi-sensory bear hunt for the students.  This not only engages the students in the class, it also allows everyone to be an active participant.  Students are following directions, listening to a story, becoming part of the story, and building higher level literacy skills at the same time.  The students in Class One are diagnosed with autism and/or related disabilities and activities like this not only supports their learning but motivates them to learn, above and beyond what traditional paper and pencil table-top activities would do.

I love examples of true tech integration in education.  Integration that is so detailed and natural that it blends seamlessly with the lesson and good pedagogy.  True 21st century teaching and learning understands that technology is beneficial for every student when done right.  This was a perfect example of that.   And if you think you can avoid technology, well:

“You can’t get over it, you won’t get away from it, but you WILL get through it! What a beautiful day! Don’t be scared!”


Click to see…Aurasma in Action!

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