Tech or Treat!

Spooktacular Technology for Halloween 


Harness your students’ excitement about Halloween by having them complete the technology-rich activities below.

Speakaboos is featuring several online stories about the holiday. The stories are illustrated and read by a professional narrator. They are best for elementary students. They include an easy-to-understand version of Frankenstein and another called “Belinda’s Halloween.”

Skip the mess and enjoy virtual pumpkin carving with the free iOS app Carve-A-Pumpkin from Parents Magazine. Choose from five different pumpkin styles, then either “carve” a design of your own or select from their library of wacky eyes, noses, and mouths. Add a message and then share via photo, email, Facebook, or Twitter. A similar app for Android is Carve A Pumpkin, and it’s $1.49. If you don’t have a mobile device, you can still carve your own pumpkin at this fun website.

This SMART Notebook has students practice plotting ordered pairs while creating a Halloween picture. It’s designed for those in grades 4 through 6. Another SMART Notebook has students in grades 3-5 work with adverbs, adjectives, and nouns using a Halloween theme.

Don’t forget to search SMART EXCHANGE for halloween related activities!  Just look at all that comes up when you search “Halloween Activity”

Ask students to create a Halloween costume for a character from a book they are currently reading or one that they read earlier in the year. Draw it with the free website Kerpoof or describe it using any word processing program.

Photo editing is a necessary skill for students to learn. Have them take a photo of another student or family member. Then, using the free online site Fotor, edit the photo to make that person into a Halloween character. If time allows, they can then write a brief narrative of what that person will be doing for the holiday.

For older students, have them use the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha to find out how many pumpkin pies can be made out the world’s largest pumpkin, the mathematics behind pumpkin carving, or the difference in calories and nutrients in snack size and full-size candy bars. Then try to figure out the math used in their candy nutrition widget.

Additional Halloween activities are pinned here. Happy haunting!




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