Monster Mix Monday

A MIX of some wonderful halloween related items as well as a wonderful app I came across today!

Check out the halloween online treats from Tech and Learning.  Amazing stuff to incorporate into your classroom this week:


Check out Tiny Tap App! Thanks Bridging Apps!  It’s Free!

TinyTap is an app that makes it possible for anyone to create interactive books and games using their own photos and recorded voice. It is a great way to create individualized books with quizzes to teach children or adults about almost anything. A very handy tool for teachers, parents, or therapists.

Within the game the user is able to record questions and answers. Visual and audio feedback is provided to the user after the selection of the answers. The visuals and audio of this app are very much geared towards children. However, anyone needing to create very specific content to reinforce a concept could use this app.
Data collection is given at the end of the game. This is a nice feature to chart the progress and understanding the user has of the concepts being taught.
The books can be kept private, sent to friends via email, or published in the TinyTap Marketplace. This feature allows a teacher or therapist to share the content he/she is using with parents or colleagues.



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