Tech Without an App

There is no denying the relationship between simple machines and technology.  Each are items that help us do work.  With all of the flashy new gadgets out there, we sometimes forget where it all began- with a simple lever, pulley or wedge. In prehistoric times and around the turn of the century AD, there were not “apps for that”.  

Thanks to one of our great teachers, Christine Smith, students at the high school level were able to enjoy a couple of hours exploring simple machines at work, led by our gracious friends at the Scotia-Glenville Children’s Traveling Museum.  Every student was engaged in some sort of task, carefully examining how their actions impacted what they were working with.  It was a truly engaging and investigative experience, and so much fun that you would never even know learning was happening.

It was nice to take a step back and see where it all began.  Technology today would not exist without the medieval technology developments of simple machines way back when. 

Great job HS students and your teachers for bringing this wonderful experience to you.  And thank you again to our friends at the Scotia-Glenville Children’s Traveling Museum, who have worked with our school for years.  We will “pulley” you back in anytime! 





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