About Me


Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Mark Giufre and I currently direct the Educational Technology program at Wildwood Programs in upstate NY. Prior to this job, I taught special education for over 10 years as well as Kindergarten for two years. I have a passion for education, learning, and technology. All students, especially this day in age with all of the adaptive and assistive technology, can reach even beyond what was previously thought to be a highest potential.  I am also the proud dad of two beautiful children.



My philosophy, personal vision, and mission are simple:

– All students can learn.

– All students deserve an education that challenges them and guides them, supports them, and motivates them to be the best they can be and lifelong learners.

– All instruction must stay current and dynamic, integrating 21st century teaching practices as well as Learning and ISTE Standards.

– All members of an educational team, especially the student and family, must be valued, have a voice, and be active participants.

– All professional educators must develop and maintain a professional learning network to ensure they are lifelong learners.  People are our most valuable resource!   WE MUST RESIST COMPLACENCY AND BE IN CONSTANT FORWARD MOTION!

– All ideas can be accomplished through creativity. There is nothing that cannot be done. If you can dream it, do it.

Education for ALL Learners. We can make it happen:  Individualize, Innovate, Think Different!