#edcampaccess MA. Learning and Connecting!

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MacBooks at a Whole New Level…and a new iPad?

At our school, the MacBook cart is a frequent flyer in the HS. Classrooms sign out the laptops to do a whole host of PBL and other work. With 16 classrooms at our main school location and only 1 computer lab, the cart has been very valuable. The past few weeks, one of our younger classrooms, class 4, started integrating the MacBooks into their daily instruction. When I was invited.

The Sky-pe is the Limit!

2,863 miles. That is how far 2 classrooms traveled this morning to see each other. Rather than taking 42 hours, this trip took only seconds to get to, bringing two very special classrooms together. Nancy Crane, teacher at Wildwood School in NY and Jennifer Strehle, teacher at Bellevue Schools in Washington, along with their staff, had an idea. They both work with students with special needs at similar transition stages.

#ATchat; PLNs; Growth Mindset

Tonight I decided to begin my interactions and expand my PLN in a Twitter chat. I chose #ATchat and was blown away by the breadth and depth of conversation that was happening just as fast as brains were thinking. I had just tucked my daughter in bed. I sat down. I enjoyed the ride. All of what I heard previously about Twitter chats couldn’t have been more true. You can.

When dreams become reality…to fulfill dreams!

Today I had the opportunity to tour the Living Resources “Smart” house in my area. Our agency is starting to explore this technology and how it may affect the lives of those that receive our agency services.   Living resources provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to help them meet and exceed their personal goals. At this residence, the staff work tirelessly to provide a home-like setting with group learning.