Why Loving What You Do Matters…

As this school year wraps to a close, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge thank you to the staff I am blessed to work with everyday. I am in a wonderful position to be able to work with all staff, from immediate classroom to service providers, special areas, and beyond. What I see everyday is nothing short of amazing. Staff going above and beyond to create.

#edcampaccess MA. Learning and Connecting!

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When dreams become reality…to fulfill dreams!

Today I had the opportunity to tour the Living Resources “Smart” house in my area. Our agency is starting to explore this technology and how it may affect the lives of those that receive our agency services.   Living resources provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to help them meet and exceed their personal goals. At this residence, the staff work tirelessly to provide a home-like setting with group learning.

T.E.C. S.L.A.M!

We just had our first mini TEC SLAM. The Mini TEC SLAM’s (Technology Ed Camp Supported Learning and Mentoring) are participant driven so staff bring items to share, questions they need answers to, or anything else.  Emphasized are choice, motivation, and interactivity.   Several people stopped by for answers to questions, discussing ideas, and sharing with others. I was able to share a couple new Augmented Reality ideas as well. The.

Video Games. Teamwork. Autism. A Powerful & Positive Combination!

. Dr. Roger Newman-Norlund had an idea. What if he took the power and appeal of video gaming and matched it to the needs of individuals with autism. Enter- “The Cooperation Station”. A suite of currently 6 different video games that Roger and his team created. The appeal of the traditional video game is still there. But with the Cooperation Station, the reinforcement and reward only can happen when you.