Best of 2016: Spec. Ed./UDL | Contribute | Be an author | Change a life

For the abridged version: Share a top 1-3 resources you love to use with your students/children. We all can find long lists on the web. Let’s make this special. To contribute, use this DOCUMENT. The story goes like this. I had a list of apps and resources ready to share for a training for special education and technology in general. Being in a position where I feel often like a.

#hybrEdtech Chat 9PM Wed!

#hybrEdtech Chat returns Wednesday 12.9.15 at 9pm. See graphic below for what we will be focusing on. Thank you to those that have joined when they can and we always welcome new folks to the tribe. Life gets crazy but the importance of checking in and grounding yourself with your PLN can never be stated enough. Don’t forget #ATCHAT at 800 right before! Thanks. Mark — Steve — Cassidy

Why Loving What You Do Matters…

As this school year wraps to a close, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge thank you to the staff I am blessed to work with everyday. I am in a wonderful position to be able to work with all staff, from immediate classroom to service providers, special areas, and beyond. What I see everyday is nothing short of amazing. Staff going above and beyond to create.

#edcampaccess MA. Learning and Connecting!

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#hybrEdtech Chat: What You Need To Know

#hybrEdtech Chat. What you need to know: Who/What: #hybrEdtech chat was founded by three educators (myself, Parker Ormerod, and Steve Wolf) [Cassidy Wodke has been added a 4th moderator this summer!] across the state of NY all working in various education and educational technology positions with students of varying abilities. “hybrEd” is all encompassing, both educational and assistive technology. We will be focusing on different topics each week around any.