The Power of “I don’t know” (and I’ll find out)…

In my job, I get questions every day.  Many of them.  About curriculum.  Instruction.  Technology.  A combination of all of those.  Troubleshooting.  The list goes on.  Some of them are quick answers.  Some are “show me” answers.  Some begin the process of preparing future PD.  And still some, I will answer “I don’t know”. Saying those three words is very hard for many people.  We go through our daily routines.

Schedule and Group Randomization

In our school environment, it is necessary to make creative schedules for several reasons: – Students will become too reliant on the same staff if they have to work with them day in and day out. This can hamper independence and also limit how the students respond to others.   – Staff need change as well.  With the sheer amount of talent staff have, they need to be able to.

Microsoft Office and Gmail

Here is a graphic I shared a while back on uploading Word documents to Google Drive and then editing them etc. within Drive as Google Docs. Now you can edit office files right from Gmail as well. If you receive an office file in your gmail account, you now have the option of “editing it with Google Docs” right in the attachment window!     There are also 15 other.