Apples of our Eyes

The past two days, students from our school were fortunate enough to go to the Apple Store as part of the Apple Educational Field Trip Series.  Our students prepared for the trip by thinking about a topic they wanted to write about, writing or typing up the text, and thinking about what types of pictures they wanted to add to the books they would be creating.

Clea Stagnitti and her wonderful staff at the Apple store greeted each class over the course of the last two days and gave them a brief tutorial of what they would be doing.  Using Keynote, students would enter their text and then drag and drop pictures from the Internet to complete their stories.  The stories were then animated to play like a flip book.   Whether students wrote one word per page or 100, every student felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as they saw their work come alive digitally right before them.  Some students wrote about personal things they liked, some wrote about historical topics, and others wrote about what they may see when they go on their spring trip to the Bronx Zoo in a few weeks.  Again, no matter the topic or how much they wrote, all of the students left with something that they created (they also left with a USB bracelet, a bright yellow Apple Store Tshirt, and a ceremonial Award)!

On behalf of our students and wonderful staff I want to say Thank You to the Apple Store staff for giving us this wonderful opportunity.  It was great to see the smiles, the laughter, and the pride on the faces of each student.  Thank you for always giving us some of these coveted field trip spots twice a year and welcoming us in with open arms and hearts.  You share in the celebration when our students succeed and that shows us the wonderful people you truly are.  Clea and staff, you will always be the “Apples” of our eyes!

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